Chemistry in Medicine” or “Chemistry in the Environment

Reading:  You may focus your reading on EITHER the “chemistry in medicine” links OR the “chemistry in the environment” links.  Whichever category you choose, please read the websites under that category carefully!

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Chemistry in Medicine” or “Chemistry in the Environment

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Please select which of these two topics you would like to study, read the links related to that topic.

1.Decide whether you wish to study “chemistry in medicine” or “chemistry in the environment”.

2.Post a one-paragraph summary of the link/article of your choosing from the options listed below within whichever category you decide (related to your selected topic).


3.Post a one-paragraph summary of a related link/topic that is NOT listed as one of the links below – this will need to be a website or article that you find on your own.  Please include the complete web address in your posting.


4.Finally, post a well-developed paragraph discussing how this topic (chemistry in medicine or chemistry in the environment) relates – or could potentially relate – to your everyday life.

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