Key differences between the organization’s target markets

Marketing is a major activity in the business world. There is a need for managers and marketers to put into consideration the fact that decisions made in the process will affect the outcomes of the organization (Kotler, 2012). Targeting is the best strategy to ensure that management in organizations can effectively capture more people to buy products from the entity. A lot needs to be put into consideration to enhance effectiveness in marketing activities. Marketing is the backbone of every organization which aims to achieve maximum wealth and profits in the long run.

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Key differences between the organization’s target markets

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The target market of non-alcoholic beer in the Muslim countries and health conscious citizens who are aware of the drawbacks of alcoholic drinks and taken steps to opt for nonalcoholic drinks. The primary market is the religiously inclined, as the population that is bound not to drink alcohol, but want to be a part of social group within parties by not standing odd one out, the non alcoholic drink is a substitute for them. Considering the main areas where the drink can be sold out, it’s the parties, pubs, alcohol outlets. The secondary target will be youth that is considering trying beer for the first time, and wants to opt for something that is alcohol free. The drink will give them option to start, but it’s a very small market unless they want to stick with non-alcoholic drink for a long time.

The target market of Heart Juice is only the health conscious citizens looking for the substitute of soft drinks and the advantages of Heart Juice are the additional benefit they acquire by giving priority to it over the soft drinks. The focus is on the generic market for daily usage and not the parties with the objective of becoming a daily health drink of the masses. The product is to be sold primarily in the retail outlets as reflected in the videos, against the rack of soft drinks and preservative juice. The market of heart juice is similar to the market of soft drinks, so it’s a very huge market in comparison with the non alcoholic market, as there is no age or health constraint with it. It can be used by any age group for better health.

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