Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment, select one leadership priority from the priorities you identified in the Unit 3 assignment. Begin to research journal articles, Web resources, and other tools that address your chosen priority.

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Annotated Bibliography

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Peruse professional organization and government Web sites for ideas, themes, and current information relating to systems, organizational, and nursing leadership with which to address your issue of priority for the course project. Links to organizations with information related to course topics are provided in the Resources for this assignment. To complete this assignment:

  • Assemble an APA-formatted evaluative annotated bibliography, which includes sources from 3–6 assigned readings from the courseroom as well as a minimum of 3–6 additional outside sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional organization or association Web sites.
  • Describe how each of the selected sources will support the nursing leadership priority you selected.
  • Ensure that your final paper contains a minimum of eight sources cited outside your assigned courseroom readings.

Turn in this component as an assignment under Unit 4.

You need not type this assignment into the final course project because it constitutes a preparatory activity. However, the bibliography is useful in the development of your outline and construction of the reference section of your paper.


Advancing quality and evidence-based care of Oncology Patients through Nursing research and education. An annotated bibliography

Introduction: The following annotated bibliography describes and evaluates selected articles that demonstrate the need for ongoing nursing research and education of cancer to provide higher quality treatment and patient centered care.   Selected articles have relevance between the years 2009 to 2016….

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