Nursing Case Studies Writing

A nursing case study is a patient-specific paper that needs uttermost accuracy. Nursing case studies are among the most complex papers that a nursing student will write throughout their nursing training process. For this reason, thorough preparation is very crucial towards the completion of such a paper.

The first step to writing a nursing case study is to determine the entire scope of the paper, which is followed by the collection of all the necessary facts. A nursing student obtains these facts through a field data collection process that involves one-on-one interaction with a patient. The final step is the writing a coherent paper on the facts obtained then formatting the paper properly.

Contents of a Nursing Case Study Paper

  1. The Patient status

The status of the patient is usually the first section of any nursing case study. It is here that the student captures all the details of the patient. These details include the name, age, race, medical history, and the area of residence of the patient. Some of the questions answered in this section include: Why did the patient seek medical attention? Is this a re-occurring condition? If yes, how was the situation handled then? What are some of the vital signs? How is the patient currently doing?

  1. The Patient’s Nursing Assessment

This section depends on the observed vital signs and the results of all conducted tests. Here, the student is required to outline how certain diagnoses contribute towards the overall patient’s status. Most of the details in this section are also present in the nursing care plan.

  1. The Current Care Plan and Treatment Recommendations

In this section, the student should outline all the care plan goals and evaluate how the suggested interventions might affect the patient. It is also here that the student should make suggestions on how to improve the patient’s condition. All suggestions need as much scientific evidence backing as possible. The student is also required to incorporate proper paper referencing.

Where to get Nursing Case Studies Writing Help

A case study is critical in the assessment of a patient’s condition. It is a requirement for every student to craft a comprehensive case study for them to complete their nursing career successfully. However, many students usually face the challenge of properly formatting their case study, and they end up losing several marks. It is, therefore, recommendable that you consult the services of professional writers if you are not sure of your skills.

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