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Biology and Technology in the Real World

Addresses course outcomes 1-4:

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Biology and Technology in the Real World

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  • recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems
  • make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations
  • weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific
  •  method
  • use knowledge of biological principles, the scientific method, and appropriate technologies to ask relevant
  • questions, develop hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, interpret results, and draw conclusions

1. Select one of the topics listed below.

2. Find at least two information sources related to the topic. You can find assistance with searching for articles at the


3. Write a 750-1500 word paper, excluding references and title page. You must read the information sources that you

find and summarize the information in your own words, addressing each of the questions and expectations for your

chosen topic. Extensive quotes from the article are discouraged. Use APA style for citing references,

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