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Changes in healthcare system

Healthcare has in fact undergone major changes in the past two decades. It has become more of a business than previously where it was more care centered and not profitability centered. There have been advancements in technology, changes in insurance and changes in the patients’ role in their healthcare. We are currently seeing where there have been upgrades in the types of documentation; the resources used in the hospital setting and also change in the ways that patient view quality of care.

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Changes in healthcare system

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Along with all the changes came a total of thirty four thousand jobs according to Brett Logiurato 2014. Another statement noted was that another one hundred thousand jobs were being created for the first five months of the year. The healthcare industry is currently seeking to increase available labor pool of health care employees. Industry employers are now focused on preparing entry-level workers for positions in healthcare. They are also trying to get expansions in training for incumbent workers and fulfilling workforce needs in targeted and specialized skill areas. John Commins 2016 also stated that hospital jobs have grown immensely.

The Affordable Care Act makes provision for more access by persons to get the healthcare they need. It has made it easier for the poorer and middle class and minority population to access healthcare that is affordable to them. With the advent of the EMTALA as well patients are treated whether or not they have monies once they feel they have an emergency. So access to healthcare has improved and increased.

Technological advances have been in different forums. There are the patient documentation improvements that have the patient information in a secure environment and gives access on a need to know basis. This improves patient safety and patient information safety. There are also the improvements in treatment that are associated with technology. The Da Vinci Surgical device, which is operated by surgeons through, computerized systems; this has facilitated precise and timely procedures that promote patient care.

Clients now have a lot more of the decision making regarding the healthcare they receive. They decide on what treatment protocols they want as long as it doesn’t bring more harm to them. They are afforded the options of informed decision making when determining what types of treatment they want.

Without any biases I would agree that healthcare has indeed had several improvements and it has made healthcare more patient centered and while being more of a business and is in fact making useful strides technologically.


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