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code of ethics

You are expected to turn in a typed paper that is a minimum of 5-pages; this includes a title page and a reference page with the following guidelines:

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code of ethics

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Research an existing code of ethics in your profession, or a related profession. For example, you can look up the AMA Code of Ethics, the BBB Code of Ethics, Social Workers Code of Ethics, etc. You are required to provide a link to the code of ethics in the drop box. In your paper include the following with suggested lengths per part of the paper:

·Summarize/Analyze your researched code of ethics [1 paragraph]

·Demonstrate how this code conforms to the ethical theories you have studied in this class and how you identify with the theory and professional ethical principles. [1-2 paragraphs]

·Provide specific examples from your life that demonstrate how the theories apply. [1 paragraph]

·Explain how ethical codes positively impact your company, your job, or even society as a whole. 1-2 paragraphs]

·Select three parts of your Code of Ethics and discuss how those ethical principles link to your own Ethical Values. Why is this important in your field? [1-2 paragraphs]

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