Cognitive Disorders

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:

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Cognitive Disorders

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Identify clinical features or behaviors associated with cognitive disorders.

Compare possible etiologies of various cognitive disorders, especially Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Will Lunsford is a 78-year-old widower who lives with his daughter. Mr. Lunsford has been increasingly irritable and has lost many personal items during the past few weeks. Today, he returned from a trip around the neighborhood to say that he had lost his truck and could not remember where he parked it. The preceding week, Mr. Lunsford declared that the telephone was broken when he could not remember how to dial the number of his friend. He also asked his daughter when they would have breakfast one morning an hour after they had eaten breakfast. Mr. Lunsford’s daughter made an appointment for him to be seen by his doctor. The doctor diagnosed Mr. Lunsford with Alzheimer’s disease.

(Learning Objectives: 1, 2)

a. What are the clinical features or behaviors associated with cognitive disorders?

b. What possible etiologies can be applied to Mr. Lunsford’s new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease?

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