Crisis Intervention

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:

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Crisis Intervention

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Differentiate maturational, situational, and adventitious crisis.

Apply the nursing process to a client, family, or community in crisis.

1.  Frances Gordon is a 42-year-old divorced school teacher.  Her 20-year-old daughter, Sarah, has developed schizophrenia and has withdrawn from college.  Her youngest daughter, Glenda, is a 19-year-old unmarried mother who is living at home.  Glenda has just given birth to a baby boy who has a heart defect.  The baby’s father refuses to pay for any of the healthcare costs.  Frances’ dire economic situation is very stressful to her.  Her ex-husband refuses to help financially, and the bank has refused a second loan to Frances.

(Learning Objectives: 1) a. Can you differentiate between maturational, situational, and adventitious crises?   What type of crisis is Frances experiencing?

  • Discuss how to apply the nursing process in the care of Frances.

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