Diversity Podcast

Purpose –   This assignment provides an opportunity for students to use social media to discuss diversity and their knowledge of diversity. Students also discuss nursing accrediting bodies and their representation of diversity. This assignment also serves to lay a foundation for learning that will be applied to the clinical practicum project.

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Diversity Podcast

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Instructions –


Resource: Week 6 Multimedia and Electronic Reserve Readings


Create one of the following media options that discusses diversity:


700- to 1,050- word blog


Analyze the following in your project:


What the word diversity means within an educational context

Primary and secondary diversities

Three diversity identifiers

How various nursing accrediting bodies represent diversity

The difference between diversity and culture

Multicultural education and how it relates to diversity

Why diversity among nurses and nurse educators is important

Why understanding learner diversity and styles is important in nursing curriculum


Include your personal thoughts about diversity and how you can incorporate diversity in your chosen setting (setting selected is an undergraduate nursing program or college and the topic being address is leadership development training in nursing)


Include a reference page with a minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles that support your thoughts, and include a reference page.  2009 and above


Format your references according to APA guidelines.

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