Education assignment

This folder contains the research ethics assignment. The assignment has two parts. Additionally  in Part 2 you will try a note taking strategy when you read your ethics article. You will upload a short reflection of how the strategy worked for you.  It also haves the pdfs of the four choices of articles to  read.

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Education assignment

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 Research Ethics

Before we even think about getting started on research, research ethics needs to be considered. The history of how humans have treated each other in the name of research has not been stellar. In November 2010, President Obama ordered a review of research ethics guidelines because there was evidence discovered about a significant ethics violation involving human subjects. It was revealed that American scientists intentionally infected citizens of Guatemala, who were in a mental hospital at the time, with syphilis in the 1940’s. Even if the research is going to happen in one small classroom or a nonprofit organization, or in one small town, proper research ethics procedures must be followed.

Reading: There are three reading tasks to accomplish to enhance your understanding of research ethics.

1.  What is the history of ethics in research? TimeLine investigation.

2.  Examine ethics in research by reading an article in depth to develop a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding ethics in research.

Assignment:  Note- This is one of the few times we will use the forums to respond to readings. Length of post is not the issue. What is in the post is!

Part 1. Post a response to reading task 1 (5pts): Prompts and ideas are provided but you do not have to go by them.  You can start a thread. You can respond to a thread, or both.

Part 2. Bring a response to reading task 2 (5pts):  Highlight and/or write statements in response to the article you choose. You will work in a group in class to form a group response.




A posting rubric follows. This is to serve as guideline. I am not going to score  it using this rubric. But use this as a guide to make meaningful posts. Don’t waste your time, mine or your classmates by posting nonsense!


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