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Ethics and Change

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Ethics and Change

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Ethics and Change essay assignment

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In this module, you learned about the elements of change, how leaders and followers respond to change, and the ethical principles that are relevant to leading and effecting change within organizations. For the discussion in this module, you are asked to evaluate the role of ethics in leadership when effecting organizational change.


Examine an organization’s leadership and ethical decision-making framework and then analyze its effectiveness in bringing about change. For this discussion, use the context of your current (or previous) organization or that of an organization with which you are familiar.

Research organizational leadership, organizational change, and ethical decision making. Use resources from professional literature in your research. Professional literature may include the Argosy University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, or .gov).

Based on your research and experience, in a minimum of 400 words, respond to the following:

  • Identify two features of effective change leadership and explain why you believe they are effective.
  • Discuss the role of ethics in change leadership and decision making and explain how this might be significant in leading change.
  • Recommend 1–2 ethical principles that may assist your organization’s leadership and decision-making framework; support your response with a rationale and professional literature.

Module 2 Overview

Provides the learning outcomes on which the readings and assignments for this module are based.
  • Apply current research on organizational change and reform.
  • Analyze the impact of diversity and organizational culture on change initiatives.
  • Apply change theories and models to manage change initiatives, recommend process improvements, and effectively overcome change resistance.
  • Recommend strategies to develop change leaders/followers and to effectively address the challenges of change leadership.
  • Integrate ethical principles into the change process to facilitate healthy change within an organization.

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