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Ethics discussion questions

1.(TCO 7) Describe each of the following five theories of forgetting, and include examples to illustrate each one: decay theory, interference theory, motivated forgetting, encoding failure, and retrieval failure theory. (6 points each) (Points : 30)
2.(TCO 9) (a) Describe the three main components of emotional intelligence, and (b) give an example of how each component is essential for successful interactions with others. (10 points each)(Points : 30)
3.(TCO 11) In your own words, (a) give an overview of humanistic psychology’s theory of personality (6 points). Also in your own words (b) describe and explain the humanistic terms self-concept, congruence, unconditional positive regard, and self-actualization. (6 points each)(Points : 30)
4.(TCO 12) (a) Define group therapies (5 points), and (b) describe three advantages of this kind of therapy (5 points). (c) Differentiate between group therapy, self-help groups and family therapy, and provide examples of when the latter two therapies are most effective. (10 points for the differentiation and 10 points for the examples)(Points : 30)
 5.(TCO 13) In your own words (a) define aggression (6 points), and (b) describe five biological factors and three psychosocial factors that may contribute to its expression. (3 points each)(Points : 30

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Ethics discussion questions

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