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Ethics and Social Responsibility

Part 1 – Chapter 4

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Ethics and Social Responsibility

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  1. How does the nature of management jobs create the possibility for ethical abuses?
  2. Identify and describe the most common forms of workplace deviance.
  3. Describe the US Sentencing Commission Guidelines for Organizations and explain how they both encourage ethical behavior and punish unethical behavior by businesses.
  4. Describe what influences ethical decision making.
  5. Explain what practical steps managers can take to improve ethical decision making.
  6. Explain to whom organizations are socially responsible.
  7. Explain and describe how organizations can respond to societal demands for social responsibility.
  8. What choices does a company have when responding to demands for social responsibility?
  9. Are socially responsible companies economically successful? In other words, does it pay to be socially responsible?

Part 2 – Chapter 4

Corporate Social Responsibility. Go to the website of Starbucks at Answer the following questions:

1) Which areas does Starbucks target as important parts of its social responsibility?

2) Why do you think the company has chosen these areas?

3) How do these differ from other coffee restaurant chains?

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