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global ethics issue

  1. Select an article about a global ethics issue (poverty, health, war, environment, human rights etc.). The article can be obtained from a newspaper/magazine or online from a recognized news organization. The story must be from December 2017 through the present.
  2. Give a brief synopsis of the facts of the article and the background of the story (several paragraphs).
  3. Answer the following questions:
  • a)What is the ethical issue and why is it one of global concern? Explain.
  • b)What responsibilities do the various parties have to deal with this problem (local, national, international, NGOs)? Explain.
  • c)How have the various parties handled their responsibilities thus far in light of what we have learned about global ethics? Explain.
  • d)What suggestions do you have to do things differently from what has been done so far? Explain.

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