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Individual Assignment Community Health Nursing Reflection

Resource: Completed Community Assessment; Assignment Grading Criteria: Community Health Nursing Reflection; Office of Minority Health website (; andHealthy People 2020;

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Individual Assignment Community Health Nursing Reflection

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Write a 700- to 1,050- word reflection of the community assessment in which you address the following:

·  Explain the role of community health nursing as it applies to the participating family’s community.

·  Identify three community nursing diagnoses.

·  List two nursing interventions related to each diagnosis that could have a positive effect on the health indicator.

·  Identify a community health partnership that can be created to assist in this effort, as a part of positively influencing this Healthy People 2020 indicator.

·  Address the issue of cultural diversity and the role it plays in community health.

·  Review Healthy People 2020 Health Indicators, and describe one nursing role that could be used now to positively affect this indicator.

Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit the following with your assignment:

·  Clinical Log for time spent conducting the Community Assessment

·  Community Assessment

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