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Interpreting and applying theories in nursing practice

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Interpreting and applying theories in nursing practice

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Interpreting and applying theories in nursing practice essay assignment

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In this last week of class, we ask you to reflect on all you have learned these past weeks. Describe how you as an advanced nurse will interpret and apply theory in your practical environment (i.e., leadership or education) compared to when you first started this course. When did the paradigm shift in your thinking occur? Describe your shift in thinking with details and examples. Please consider and ethical principals.

  1. To help you in selecting a situation and writing your post, consider these questions: · Is there a situation involving nursing theory that seemed significant to you in some way? · Is there a situation involving nursing theory in which you asked yourself, “Did I miss something?” or “What could I have done differently?” · Is there a situation involving nursing theory that triggered you to ask questions of yourself? · Is there a situation involving nursing theory that made you feel uncomfortable or awkward? · Did you experience an inconsistency in a particular situation involving nursing theory? · Did you experience a critical incident? · Was there a situation involving nursing theory that you found interesting? ( I like pender promoton theory,  Benner’s nursing theory,theorists as Nightingale, Orem,)………. These are the theory found most interest to start me off into my advance practice.
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