Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Workplace

More than 100 years ago, state governments began enacting laws under the ambit of the public’s health and welfare which authorized government oversight designed to ensure the safe practice of nursing. By now, all states and territories have enacted a Nurse Practice Act (NPA). Additionally, state boards of nursing (BON) charged with the responsibility of administering the NPA have been legislatively authorized to develop and promulgate administrative rules, or regulations in some states, to interpret and clarify the NPA for regulated parties, namely nurses.The American Nurses Association (ANA) provides important nursing practice guidance and guidelines. For example, the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses is a definitive guide that demonstrates how to perform nursing responsibilities while providing quality care in a manner that meets ethical obligations. ANA Position Statements provide explanations, justification, or recommendations for a course of action pertaining to relevant and current topics in nursing practice. ANA Principles for Nursing Practice are promulgated principles aimed at providing practical information for practice, frompay to staffing, delegation to documentation, and even cutting-edge topics such as the social media. The ANA also publishes the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice which provides a broad, non-clinical description of the art and science of nursing.For this Application Assignment, locate your chosen work-related issue/problem from the week two discussion.

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Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Workplace

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Based on your week two discussion, write a 3to 4 -page paper addressing the following:

•Your state’s Board of Nursing (BON) approach to your work-related issue in the BON’s Nurse Practice Act and the efficacy of the BON’s approach in the context of your workplace issue/problem;

•Two American Nurses Association (ANA) sources from the preceding ANA publications that address your work-related issue and the efficacy of the ANA’s approach in the context of your work environment.

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