Man in Nursing

This assignment has to reflect a trend that is measured over time referring to the limited number of men in nursing in Canada or the numbers showing that there are more men in nursing. Statistics need to be included to demonstrate the trend. The following references beside others must be used: 1).Clementson, R. (2008). Men in nursing. Nursing Journal, 12, 37-43. ( New Zealand).2). Evans, J. (2004). Men nurses: A historical and feminist perspective. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 47 (3), 321-328. (Canada).3). Meadus, R., & Twomey, J. (2007). Men in nursing: making the right choice. Canadian Nurse, 103(2), 13-16. (Canada).4). Meadus, R., & Twomey, J. (2011). Men student nurses: the nursing education experience. Nursing Forum, 44(4), 269-279. (Canada).5). O’Lynn, C. E. (2004). Gender-based barriers for male students in nursing education programs: Prevalence and perceived importance. Journal of Nursing Education, 43(5), 229-234. (United States).

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Man in Nursing

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