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NURS 6710 Week 5: Public Health Theories and Models

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NURS 6710 Week 5: Public Health Theories and Models

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NURS 6710 Week 5: Public Health Theories and Models essay assignment

NURS 6710: Public Health Nursing Theory and Practice | Week 5 essay assignment

Imagine you are the head of the Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive Health program in Lee County—a community with a high rate of adolescent pregnancy. Many of these teenagers do not receive prenatal care until late in the pregnancy. You are working with community-based organizations that serve teens to come up with some strategies to increase rates of prenatal care. As you approach this task, you select the Community as Partner Model to guide all phases of your project from assessment, analysis, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation, recognizing that your target population—adolescents who are pregnant—are embedded within a larger community. This model allows for you to take into consideration the multiple points of influence that impact the complex health issue of teen pregnancy, including identification of resources that might be used to help address this problem.

The evolution of the public health field has resulted in many lessons learned over the years through advancements in knowledge informed by the development of theories and models to explain various public health issues, such as disease outbreaks. A theory is simply a description of how something works. It’s a set of statements about the relationships between variables influencing an outcome. The use of public health theories and models allows for a systematic approach to tackling complex issues impacting the health of communities and their residents.

After identifying a public health problem, the next task facing a public health professional is to articulate an explanation of what caused the problem. This is a critical step in determining what intervention or group of interventions will be most effective in addressing the issue. In designing programs to address specific health issues, a theory allows the public health nurse to explain not only the problem, but the factors (variables) that contribute to that problem. This is vitally important, as these represent potential points of intervention.

This week, you will examine various theories and models which can be used to guide your practice as a public health nurse. After reviewing each of these theories and models, you will then select one that can be applied to address the public health issue that you have previously identified.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Evaluate public health theories and models
  • Apply public health theories and models to public health issues
  • Analyze public health issues through the application of public health theories or models

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The application of a theory and/or model to address population-based health problems is a skill developed through continual practice. For this Assignment, you will gain familiarity with the process of asking questions and taking the first steps to applying a theory/model to an identified issue. In practice, you would not be doing this alone but as part of a team. However, going through the process in the context of this Assignment will assist in gaining familiarity and confidence with the general process.

To Prepare:

  • Based on the public health issue you identified in Week 1, think about how you might apply one of the theories/models from this week’s Learning Resources to develop interventions for the public health issue.

The Assignment:

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes following:

  • Identify a public health theory or model that you think is the most appropriate model to apply to the public health issue you selected in Week 1.
  • Justify why this public health theory or model is the most appropriate choice for this public health issue.
  • Explain how you might apply the public health theory or model to the public health issue you selected.
  • Explain what you learned about the public health issue you selected by applying the selected public health theory or model to the issue.

By Day 7

Submit your Assignment.


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