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NURS 8410 Week 9: Identification of Outcomes

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NURS 8410 Week 9: Identification of Outcomes

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NURS 8410/8410A/8410F/8410M/8410S/8410W/8410C Week 9: Identification of Outcomes essay assignment

NURS 8410/8410A/8410F/8410M/8410S/8410W/8410C: Best Practices In Nursing Specialties | Week 9 essay assignment

“In a large, complex organization…the primary consequences of our actions may well be in the distant future or in a distant, but interrelated, part of a larger system in which we operate. For this reason, we are often puzzled by the underlying causes of current problems within our organizations. We are unable to look at underlying structures or patterns of behavior that may have resulted in less than stellar outcomes” (Zaccagnini & White, 2011, p. 45).

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How can the perspective described above be shifted to provide a fuller view of the dynamics in today’s health care organizations? And, in doing so, how could this promote the achievement of positive outcomes related to quality and safety?

In previous courses you have examined systems theory, as well as the interrelationships of various areas within an organization. This week, you revisit these concepts as you assess an issue within an organization—analyzing the system at the macro- and the micro-level. You also identify strategies that can be used to assess the clinical environment and the associated nonclinical units that support the provision of quality. In addition, you develop outcomes related to quality and safety.

This week you continue to engage in your practicum experience and on Application 4.

Reference: Zaccagnini, M. E., & White, K. W. (2011). The doctor of nursing ractice essentials: A new model for advanced practice nursing. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Apply systems theory to the evaluation of quality improvement and patient safety initiatives

The vice president of nursing, Dr. Sasha Mendez, has had a lot of complaints from patients and their families about the difficulties they experience navigating the system at her organization; e.g., going from the E.R. to admissions. Dr. Mendez’s nursing specialty area is psych/mental health. As such, she is very concerned about the stress this is causing the patients.

What are the macro systems that are affecting patient satisfaction at Dr. Mendez’s facility? What micro systems should she also analyze to look at how the patient moves through—from entry, to possible admission, to possible discharge? How do these systems relate? What impacts each system?

The concepts presented in Week 8 serve as a foundation for this week as you continue to look at factors within an organization’s environment that are barriers and facilitators for implementing change. In this Discussion, you examine the macro and micro systems within the organization (of your practicum setting) and identify changes that may need to take place to facilitate quality improvement and achievement of patient safety outcomes.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on the issue you have been addressing through your EBP Assignment.
  • Identify the macro and micro systems that influence the issue. Review the McClusky and Middleton (2010) article for an example of this process.
  • Determine the desired outcomes of resolving the EBP Assignment issue and how resolving it will improve quality and patient safety. (Note: Next week you will evaluate these outcomes. You may want to view the Week 10 Discussion as you prepare.)
  • What procedures/processes would need to be modified to achieve the desired outcomes?
  • Develop a 5-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the business unit team and leadership within the organization, sharing your issue, strategies for resolving the issue, and how it will improve quality and patient safety. Note: The purpose of the presentation is to persuade the business unit team and leadership to accept your recommendations.

By Day 3

Post your PowerPoint presentation.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to two of your colleagues using the following scenario:

Imagine you are a manager from the business unit or leadership team who is also involved in your organization’s quality management committee. Employing this perspective, critique at least three of your colleagues’ presentations.

When critiquing your colleagues’ presentations be sure to:

  • Determine the extent to which the PowerPoint presentation convinces you that the appropriate systems were examined and that the identified outcomes are attainable
  • Provide feedback on whether you believe the suggested modifications to the systems will lead to the desired outcomes


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