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Nursing Assignment essay assignment

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  • 1. Critically appraise the design of the team’s curriculum (below) by providing feedback on the structure, sequence, and design of the curriculum or program.
Reminder: put citation and at least one reference (2011 – 2016) by using APA format … Thanks

The focus of our team project is to initiate a prelicensure BSN program with in an institution that does not already have an existing one. Our team choose to place the program in Princeton University, as it is not only an Ivy League institution with a lengthy history of excellence, but the need and resources within the local community correlate with the outcome goals of our program.

Course Outline for Senior Year

General Nursing Practice Part 3 Care Across the Lifespan – 4 credits

In this course, students will focus on the application of theories, concepts, research, and issues related to the care of clients, across the lifespan with identified chronic health problems.

Nursing Care for Children and Adolescents – 4 credits

This course will cover common health problems and nursing interventions for children and adolescents.

Nursing leadership/ Professional practice course – 4 credits

In this course, students will learn the framework of healthcare policy, managed care, health delivery models, interdisciplinary team building, conflict resolution, performance improvement and resource management

Community/public health nursing – 4 credits

In this course students will learn the framework of community and public healthcare through community assessment, health indicators, epidemiology, data collection and assessment, public policy and delivery of services.

Introduction to Nursing Research – 4 credits

In this course, students will become familiar with the concept of nursing research, and its impact on nursing practice. Students will be introduced to the various types of nursing research through in class lecture.

Maternity nursing – 4 credits

In this course, students will examine women and families during the childbearing period. Individual, societal, cultural, and environmental factors as well as health care disparities related to childbearing and parenting will be identified and assessed.

Organizational framework related to start up program at Princeton University

Mission of Princeton University School of Nursing:

To improve the health of individuals through excellence in the education of nurses for leadership roles in practice, research and service.

Vision of Princeton University School of Nursing

Striving to educate graduates to be exemplary professional nurses who will improve public health locally and globally through research, clinical practice and advocacy.

Philosophy of Princeton University School of Nursing:

At the Princeton University School of Nursing, we believe that nursing is a human experience and recognizes that humans are unique individuals who make deliberate choices and actions and should be provided the opportunity to be involved in decision making, and will be supported in times of weakness and strength. Additionally, we recognize that all humans are to be treated equally and fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or lifestyle.

Guiding Curriculum Development

From a faculty perspective, it is important that faculty (or potential faculty) reflect on their own personal beliefs and values, affirm points of agreement, and evaluate points of contention (Billings &Halstead, 2016). The teachings of each faculty member must overtly reflect the overall philosophy of the school. Ultimately, the philosophy statement should reflect the entire faculty’s rationale for the existence of the institution and will eventually guide the curriculum components as well as its implementation and outcomes (Keating, 2015). When developing a philosophical statement, including a mission and vision statement, it is essential that each faculty member reflect on his or her own beliefs about human beings, society and environment, as well as nursing and nurses, because that is the essence of the philosophy. If the mission, vision, and philosophy are true to the core of the people who wrote it, they will be reflected in the curriculum by how it is designed, implemented, and evaluated (Billings & Halstead, 2016).


Billings, D.M. & Halstead, J.A. (2016). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Keating, S.B. (2015). Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.

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