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Nursing discussion questions future problems

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Nursing discussion questions future problems

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Nursing discussion questions future problems essay assignment

  1. We have explored the history and current issues in community health nursing. Now think about the future and the identified problem in your community. What areas do you see community health nurses addressing in the future? Describe how your proposed nursing intervention could positively impact your community. What other areas do you think are important to the future of community health nursing?
  2. Looking back over the Terminal Course Objectives for this course, what are you looking forward to learning more about throughout your education and career?

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1 Given an example of the need to increase productivity in a workplace unit, such as a department of a large corporation, analyze the impact of cultural diversity on team building in the workplace and formulate strategies for facilitating cooperation among members of a culturally diverse work group.
2 Given a simulated situation where a qualified minority candidate is denied employment based on the hiring manager’s cultural prejudice and practice of discrimination, correctly assess the situation and recommend intervention strategies to correct the situation.
3 Given a situation in a culturally diverse workplace where tension among employees is rising and job satisfaction is low, formulate a plan to evaluate organizational culture and strategies to increase organizational cultural competence.
4 Given a case study or simulated situation in which an individual must give directives or recommendations, such as work directives or healthcare recommendations, to an individual from a different culture, assess the potential cultural barriers to communication and compliance with the directives or recommendations and suggest methods for improving communication and ensuring compliance.
5 Given a situation in which absenteeism in the workplace due to illness is at an all time high, integrate knowledge of values and cultural healthcare practices in instituting health promotion and illness prevention programs.
6 Given the changing demographics of the United States and the globalization of markets, compare and contrast cultural differences and illustrate their impact on providing services to members of different cultures, especially non-dominant populations in the United States.
7 Given a workplace conflict involving members of different cultures, integrate knowledge of cultural communication to select strategies for avoiding or resolving conflict in the workplace or professional arenas.
8 Given a situation in which an urban neighborhood is experiencing conflict due to increasing cultural diversity among residents, integrate critical thinking and decision-making skills in preparing a personal plan for developing cultural competence.

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