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Nursing Discussion Questions

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Nursing Discussion Questions

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Nursing Discussion Questions essay assignment

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Please respond to the following questions or statements in 100-250 words each. Please support ALL posts with outside sources.


What are the pros and cons of current state-by-state licensure versus a national licensure that has been discussed for health care professionals? Please support your statement with an external source.


I have attached a document on the National Licensure Compact or NLC. This may help to process the idea of a potential national license further.


Is your state (Mississippi) a part of it? Would you like them to be if not? Why not? Please support with reference/citation.

NLC4.pdf (1,012k)


To those of you who are nurses, you are probably familiar with the National Council on State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). For those of you who are not nurses, this still applies. As a health care administrator, you may be involved with a staff nurse who has a complaint against his/her license and you will be expected to gather data for this purpose. It is important to remember that Boards of Nursing are not nursing advocacy boards. They are public advocacy boards. The NCSBN site states the following as some of their job:

·         Enforcing the nurse practice act and nurse licensure

·         Accrediting or approving nurse education programs in schools and universities

·         Developing practice standards

·         Developing policies, administrative rules and regulations

·         Taking action against the licenses of those nurses who have exhibited unsafe nursing practice

What are your thoughts on this? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Do you have personal experiences with boards of nursing? Are they too harsh? Not harsh enough? Please think about this from both the patient and the nurse perspective. Also, keep in mind that licensure boards are similar in other non-nursing professions too. They have similar licensing, discipline, etc processes.


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