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Nursing Leadership Guide

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Nursing Leadership Guide

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Nursing Leadership Guide essay assignment

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To be successful in today’s health care arena, nurse leaders need a variety of skills. Guided by theory and research, implementation of leadership and management skills affords nurses the opportunity to collaborate, head teams, and facilitate optimal health care delivery in a variety of settings. With these changes, the role of the professional nurse is dynamic and challenging. Preparation for these changes gives the professional nurse a solid understanding of the dynamics needed for the situation at hand.

In order to develop leadership and management competencies, it is vital that a historical review as well as knowledge and understanding of present day leadership and management theory be realized. Coupling this foundation with personal style and situational need is a formula for leadership success. This simply adds more tools to the professional toolbox. The more options we have, the better able we are to match our actions to the situation presented. With this additional scope of understanding, the professional nurse can demonstrate the dynamics necessary for success. In addition to meeting immediate demands, planning and implementing long-term change in relation to current and future health problems can be put into action.

For your course project, you will develop a leadership guide for a group of junior nurse managers participating in a leadership class. The leadership guide should speak to a variety of leadership components. Your professional conceptualization will be based on your current or past practice. Consideration of change and health care delivery in your area of nursing, professional and personal values, holistic assessment and implementation, and current climate and culture will be included in this guide. These dynamics will be explained within the framework of nursing theory, historical understanding, and predictive outcomes and needs.


In the final step of developing the guide in Unit 10, you will bring all of these components together along with a one-page summary that discusses how having this knowledge can impact the nurse’s role in leadership and management. You may organize your leadership guide in any order, but it should follow a logical sequence. You may also be creative and incorporate graphics if you wish; just be sure that you have included and addressed all of the required components.

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