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Psychology Detailed Assignment

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Psychology Detailed Assignment

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Psychology Detailed Assignment essay assignment

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to create a comprehensive Annotated Bibliography, which is nothing more than a detailed research paper outline.The Annotated Bibliographymust have at a minimum three (3) sub-sections with at least one (1) Peer ReviewedAcademic Journal Article sources for each sub-section that helps explain something about the chosen psychology topic of interest. Upon successful completion of this assignment, students will have gained a practical understanding of how to create an effective outline that directs their research and writing of a Research Paper in the Behavioural Sciences.

Whether acquiring new knowledge, or adding to the existing body of knowledge Psychologists employ scientific principles and methodologies in their search for the underlying causal mechanisms.  There is a mistaken belief among some that Psychology is a manufactured discipline that only reflects common sense observations of the researcher—as opposed to real scientific empirical evidence typically associated with the Natural Sciences. However, Psychology is one of several the Behavioural Sciences (e.g., Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology) with a rich history and a huge volume of credible scientific research that is validated by fellow Behavioural Science researchers; it is not simply based on the interpretation or personal opinion of the individual.

Assignment:  Students must select a single topic that is of interest to them from the list of twelve (12) psychology topic questions provided by your instructor.  The Annotated Bibliography(i.e., the detailed research paper outline) is intended to teach students essential research paper writing skills that will help them answer the Research Question. 

Your Annotated Bibliographies must have

•     An Introductory Paragraph tells the reader what the paper will be about by:

•     Three (3) Sub-sections with at least one (1) Academic – Peer Reviewed Reference (i.e., an academic source from an Academic Journal) in each sub-section.

•     A very brief Conclusion that summarizes why this information is important to understand.

•     Provide a Reference page that lists all academic sources used in the correct APA format by alphabetical order by surname as prescribed by the APA (6th Ed.) Publishing Manual.

It is also important that your Annotated Bibliography is well-organized and flows together with continuity between the sections.



Assignment Questions and Classic Psychology Papers

1. Does peer pressure influence young people to engage in risqué behaviours (i.e., unprotected sex, chronic alcohol or substance abuse, etc…)?
2. Does participating in interactive violent video games cause young people to act out more violently in real life?
3. Are children raised in large families any more alike than children born and raised in any other home?
4. Why do some young people watch another young person being beaten or raped and do nothing to assist that victim?
5. Is it possible to reliably detect deception when someone is lying simply by watching their facial expressions?
6. Are people who carry personal weapons for protection (i.e., pepper spray, Tasers, handguns, etc…) more likely to behave more aggressively?
7. Why do women seem have more ‘nightmare’ type of dreams than men do?
8. Why is it important to have first responders (i.e., police, paramedics, emergency nurses) prepare their own statements (and/or notes) as soon as practicable?
9. How would psychologists likely explain the use of violent interrogation techniques (i.e., torture, waterboarding, etc…) used against Al Qaeda prisoners by soldiers?
10. Are there more cases of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder) today, or is this simply a convenient label schools use for those children who are not well behaved?
11. Are the pre-game rituals many athletes practice (e.g., hockey and baseball players, etc…) nothing more than superstitious behaviours and self-fulfilling prophesies?
12. Why is the debate concerning the influence of birth order as a measure of intellectual capacity and personality becoming less relevant in society as time goes on?
13. Why do people who seem to be normal and healthy individuals abuse the aged and vulnerable people with our society?




1.      Write an Introductory Paragraph…

Introducing the topic by beginning with a strong Thesis Statement that captures the reader’s interest,

Presenting the overall question that you intend to be answer,  Discussing why it is an important question to answer, and 

Briefly lists the three (3) sub-sections that the paper will discuss.

2.      Create detailed research paper outline that has three (3) Sub-sections

Students must Introduce the topic of the sub-section,

Explain how this issue connects to the overall discussion (i.e., the research question), 

Provide at least one (1) Academic Peer Reviewed Source (i.e., an academic source from an Academic Journal) for each sub-section,

Discuss why this is an appropriate reference to use, 

Explain how this academic source helps answer the research question, and

Provide a brief summary that explains why the author is a subject matter expert (e.g., the nature of their previous and current research history, their personal credentials, and/or the nature of the academic journal they published in).  

3.      Provide a very brief Conclusion 

This conclusion summarizes why this information is important to understand.

4.      Provide a Reference page…

List all academic sources used in the correct APA format by alphabetical order by surname as prescribed by the APA (6th Ed.) Publishing Manual.

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