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Psychology Research Paper

Choose one of the topics from the Research Topic List. The topic is:

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Psychology Research Paper

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Topic 2: The benefits of understanding developmental psychology



Include the following:

  • What is developmental psychology?
  • How is developmental psychology applicable in life
  • Why can understanding developmental psychology be beneficial


Conduct research through the University Library, and locate 2 to 4 peer-reviewed sources on your chosen topic.


Follow the steps in the “Writing Process” video.(The video transcript will be attached instead of the video)


Write a 1,000 word research paper on your chosen topic.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Include a reference page with a minimum of 2 to 4 peer-reviewed sources.



This is the outline that paper should be based off:



  1. Introduction
    1. Define developmental psychology
    2. Brief overview of why it is important
    3. Thesis statement


  2. Paragraph 1: Developmental psychology
    1. Developmental psychologists study a wide range of theoretical areas
      1.  Biological, social, emotion, and cognitive processes
    2. Description of development, and why it is important
    3. Important developmental theories


  3. How developmental psychology applicable in life
    1. Why developmental psychology is important
    2. How developmental psychology affects someone’s life


  4. Why can understanding developmental psychology be beneficial?
    1. List of benefits
    2. Explanation of benefits


  5. Conclusion
    1. Summary of previous objectives discussed
    2. Recommendations

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