Psychology summary assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to review your knowledge of the major areas in this course based on the course competencies. Use your text and lecture readings to support your work. For this assignment no outside sources will be accepted as cited references (e.g. Wiki, web pages, other textbooks, newspapers, magazines and journal articles) except the following:

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Psychology summary assignment

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National Institute of Mental Health   (information on psychological disorders and treatment)

For this essay you will need to incorporate the following:


o    Apply the appropriate terms and concepts used in psychology.

o    Utilize APA format and style.

Write a 5-6 page essay that covers the following:


o    Explain the various major areas of psychology.

§  Developmental psychology

§  Cognitive psychology

§  Behavioral (i.e. classical and operant conditioning) psychology

§  Social psychology

o    Explain personality, how it is measured, and how it is used in psychology.

o    Explain the importance of understanding the brain and nervous system when studying psychology.

o    Applied psychology.

§  Describe at least one major psychological disorder

§  Explain psychotherapy and describe at least one type.

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