purchase and implement a new kind of computer/information technology

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purchase and implement a new kind of computer/information technology

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1. Consider the following scenario:


AEC Corporation, a company that employs 8,000 workers in Pleasantville, has decided to purchase and implement a new kind of computer/information technology, Technology X. The implementation of Technology X will likely have a significant impact for AEC’s employees in particular, as well as for Pleasantville in general. It is estimated that 3,000 jobs at AEC will be eliminated when the new technology is implemented during the next six months.


Source: Tavani textbook, pp.21
Analyse the above case using the philosophical ethics perspective.
2. Moor’s “just-consequentialist” theory incorporates aspects of utilitarian and deontological theories into one comprehensive framework. Explain with at least two suitable examples how this theory can be applied to ethical issues involving cybertechnology.
3. Critique the Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics.


4. Through the use of currently available online tools and search facilities, ordinary users can easily acquire personal information about others. In fact, anyone who has Internet access can, via a search engine such as Google, find information about us that we ourselves might have had no idea is publicly available there. Does this use of online tools threaten the privacy of ordinary people? Explain with at least three examples.



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