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Quality of care by health providers

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Quality of care by health providers

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Quality of care by health providers essay assignment

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Quality care from a provider is important to the patient because they have to provide treatment and compassion to the patient’s need and make sure their health is top priority. The patient relies on the provider to take care of their healthcare needs and most importantly keep their medical record protected and private.

One of the great strengths of American health care system is its strong private sector orientation, that facilitates are ready access to all manner of services for those with medical coverage and strongly encourages on-going medical changes and advance of medical technology over the past century improved the health status for millions of American citizens. (, 2015). In the United States healthcare is a top priority and everyone should have some type of healthcare plan. There is weakness in the healthcare system where everyone is not covered with healthcare insurance and with cancer and diabetes being the two most important diseases facing everyone today. There are individual that extremely need medical insurance for treatment of serious illness and this is hurting the healthcare field. Trying to get everyone enrolled into a healthcare plan has been hard for the ones that are homeless and low income families. I personally think they should take advantage of Obamacare or the state insurance where they don’t have to pay to be seen by a physician for medical treatment. The United States is a rich country and we should be able to make healthcare for everyone in need for medical attention. Some individuals are enrolled through their employment healthcare plan and some aren’t because of the monthly cost and applying for outside coverage is a good to take advantage of Obamacare by shopping for the right healthcare plan to enroll in.

I personally worked for a license independent practitioner and other physicians that also worked at the local hospital and they provider quality care to all of their patients including the ones that didn’t have healthcare coverage. The one’s that didn’t have healthcare coverage were on a payment plan and their prescriptions were very inexpensive. Working with a license independent practitioner wasn’t difficult at all because there were other physicians that worked at the practice. The LIP’s position was to see patients that didn’t have life threatening illnesses and was there for minor colds and other non-threatening problems. Managers working for a license independent practitioners and physician are a very demanding position to have, making sure they are providing the quality care to the patient and making sure they both are schedule to see certain amount of patients at their practice and at the hospital to do their daily rounds to the patients that they are assigned too. A manager is always doing work for both and maintaining a close relationship with them both and being the manager there are protocol that they should go by in the healthcare field and making sure the office is being ran in the appropriate way.



Response #2 Needed.


·         How would you define quality of care from the provider and patient perspectives?

·         Why do you believe that quality can be viewed as a strength and a weakness of the U.S. health care system?

·         Be sure to provide at least 2 reasons for this, and provide specific examples for discussion.

·         Identify several difficulties and several benefits of working with licensed independent practitioners to improve quality in a typical hospital. What considerations should managers keep in mind when working with them?



I believe when it comes to quality of care for patients its important for doctors and nurses to go over and beyond to do everything they can do for their patients. Patients should come first no matter what and its important for doctors offices to be fully staff so that patients can be seen in a timely manner. I believe that one of the strengths within the U.S. health care systems would be the Affordable Health Care Act because its allowing everyone to be able to have health insurance. However others believe that ‘one of the great strengths of American health care system is its strong private sector orientation, which facilitates ready access to all manner of services for those with stable coverage and strongly encourages on-going medical innovation by product manufacturers'(Capretta). One of the weakness is that it is still hard for many people to get good health insurance because of there ‘health problems or there insurance doesn’t cover the type of services that they need for their health conditions'( Capretta).

When it comes to independent practitioners they still have to follow the same policies and regulations as other Practitioners however when it comes to patients benefits and the services that they provide they can be more flexible about how they runs things. I believe that independent practitioners are more welcoming and they are able to control the patient schedules more also.



Capretta, James; Healthcare in the Unitder States: Strengths, Weaknesses and the Way Forward; 2008 Summer Conference; 09/09/2009; Retrieved 12/7/2016


Response Needed for Instructor,

Interesting video on a patient’s perspective of quality. Please view and provide feedback.



Dr. Edwards



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