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Somatoform, Dissociative, and Sexual Disorders

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:

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Somatoform, Dissociative, and Sexual Disorders

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Describe possible etiologies of somatoform disorders.

Explain the features of various somatoform disorders.

Identify the most common interdisciplinary goals and treatments for clients with somatoform disorders.

1. Roger is a 60-year-old, twice-divorced, Hispanic man who is retired. His only support system is two adult sons with whom he has a distant relationship. Roger has medical insurance from his retirement and constantly complains that he has some medical problem. He “doctor shops” by seeing different doctors for his various complaints. Roger is always asking the doctors if he needs surgery. In the past 5 years, he has undergone an exploratory laparotomy for complaints of abdominal pain, three colonoscopies for complaints of alternate diarrhea and constipation, and numerous diagnostic tests for his many physical complaints. All tests and procedures have negative findings for any physical basis. Roger remains convinced that he has multiple problems that the doctors are unable to diagnose.

(Learning Objectives: 1, 3)

a. What are somatoform disorders, and what are the types of this disorder?

b. Based on the information given in the case study, what contributing factors do you believe Roger has? What other factors, not included, could contribute to somatoform disorders? Name the appropriate disciplines involved in the treatment of Roger and the interdisciplinary goals and interventions in treating his somatoform disorder.

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