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Stakeholder Analysis

In no more than three (5) pages address the following:

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Stakeholder Analysis

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1.Analyze this case utilizing the “stakeholder analysis” by providing the following:

A:Identify the stakeholders.

B:Assess and explain the “nature” of each stakeholder’s interest in Matt’s decision by explaining whether each stakeholder would be: for Supermart, against Supermart, “mixed” (could be for or against), or have a marginal interest (would not care either way whether Supermart came to town).

C:Assess and explain the type of power each stakeholder may have in Matt’s decision in these three categories: financial power, voting power or legal power.

D:Identify possible stakeholder coalitions that could be formed.

2. Explain the course of action you would take if you were in Matt Hollis’ position. Incorporate in your answer two (2) or more of the following concepts: utilitarianism, universalism, rights and justice.

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