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Strategic Management

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Strategic Management

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Strategic Management essay assignment

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Course Description


This course gives students the opportunity to integrate management concepts and practices to contemporary business strategies, while discussing the theories of strategic management. This course will focus on improving management decision-making and problem-solving skills. Students will create a strategic management plan. Special emphasis is placed on business ethics, sustainability, innovation, and the legal environment of business.


Course Topics & Objectives


Week One: Strategic Overview, Ethics, and Legal Environment


·         Indicate why a strategic management process is needed.

·         Describe the primary components of the strategic management process.

·         Explain the relationship of ethics, social responsibility, and corporate performance in strategic planning.


Week Two: Competition Strategy Formulation


·         Measure an organization’s internal and external environments using environmental scanning.

·         Determine relevant business competitive strategies.

·         Analyze how to create value and sustained competitive advantage through business strategy.

·         Choose measurement guidelines to verify strategy effectiveness.


Week Three: Innovation, Sustainability, and the Global Market


·         Estimate the sustainability of long-term business operations.

·         Explain how the global market affects business strategy.

·         Construct a long-term strategic management plan for sustaining organizational performance.


Week Four: Implementation


·         Analyze internal organizational dynamics and the influence on business continuity.

·         Describe cultural, structural, leadership considerations that must be incorporated into strategy implementation.

·         Determine the resources needed for strategy implementation.


Week Five: Strategic Plan Evaluation, Control, and Feedback


·         Arrange the appropriate controls, performance measures, and feedback systems to use for various business scenarios.

·         Evaluate the application of a deliberate plan and make necessary adjustments to continuous improvement and crisis management scenarios.

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