Why Study Professional Ethics?

1.Review the code of ethics of the .ieee.org/about/corporate/governance/p7-8.html”>Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) and .nspe.org/Ethics/CodeofEthics/index.html”>National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). Compare the two and answer the following questions: (write at least 3 paragraphs)
  1. How is the language used in each different?
  2. What are the similarities between the two codes of ethics?
2.Find a professional organization of your choice and then review and comment on their code ethics. Also discuss if there could be any improvements. (write at least 3 paragraphs)

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Why Study Professional Ethics?

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4. Many large U.S.–based management consulting companies such as McKinsey and Company and the BCG Group have been very successful in the international marketplace. How can Porter’s diamond explain their success?

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