Suicide and Suicidal Behavior

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives: List the warning signs of suicide.

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Suicide and Suicidal Behavior

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Explain factors contributing to suicidal risk, including the relationship to culture and ethnicity, age, and gender.

1. Kate, a 35-year-old white woman, who moved to another city to take a new job. Kate has a depressive disorder and has no friends in her new city; her only family support is one brother. Kate has lost her new job and is without insurance or funds to purchase her prescribed antidepressants. Kate formerly had excellent credit but now realizes that since she has no money, she may have to declare bankruptcy. Kate became extremely depressed, purchased a gun, wrote suicide letters to her friends, and decided to commit suicide. Kate then called 911 just before pulling the trigger on the gun. However, the gun jammed and did not eject bullets. A policeman came to her apartment in response to the 911 call and took Kate to the local psychiatric hospital. After discharge, Kate went to live with her brother. Kate’s brother is concerned that she is a continued suicide risk.

(Learning Objectives: 1)

a. What are the warning signs of suicide?

b. What factors could have contributed to Kate’s desire to commit suicide?.

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