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The Ethics MCQs

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The Ethics MCQs

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The Ethics MCQs essay assignment

1.  A phone call to a government official by an employee of the Enron Corporation disclosed the deception and dishonesty of the firm’s accounting records. This employee played the role of a:

A. whistleblower.

B. horn blower.

C. cheerleader.

D. moral policeman.


2.  Zach spent several months developing a good relationship with a business client. The client is now buying a significant amount of product from Zach’s company, resulting in high commissions for Zach, personally. After checking the sales records for the past six months, Ben (a sales colleague of Zach’s) started visiting the same client in the hopes of capturing some of the client’s business too. Although he considers it “legal and fair game”, sales reps in his firm have begun to avoid him because they consider it a violation of:

A. company-based ethics.

B. compliance-based ethics.

C. integrity-based ethics.

D. whistle blowing-based ethics.


3.  John was recently hired by Backstreet Books, an eclectic bookstore in a large college town. At the beginning of the first day on the job, his store manager handed him a small booklet consisting of company rules. He was asked to read it and sign and submit the last page, before starting work. Among other things, the rules explicitly discussed reprimands for grievous behavior and dismissal if the firm could prove that the employee was stealing product from the store. This booklet represented the ___________ of the store.

A. company-based ethics

B. compliance-based ethics

C. integrity-based ethics

D. whistle blowing-based ethics


4.  Corporate social responsibility describes the firm’s:

A. exclusive responsibility to its stockholders.

B. ability to plan for the unexpected.

C. commitment to a management training program.

D. concern for the welfare of society.


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