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The ethics policy

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The ethics policy

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The ethics policy essay assignment

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This is the assignment: you have already done this assignment I just need some more information for the following:

3. Issued considered when implementing policy

a)      Monitoring compliance

b)      Employee feedback

c)       HR involvement

I need 700 words apa format with 4 references


Group Portion B


We should each develop a sample policy.  We can provide feedback and recommendations for improvement for each policy.  As a group, we need to compose a cover note outlining the purpose of the policy and benefits to the organization




Here is the background to base the paper on


Value of an ethics policy

Organizations must determine if an ethics policy is required, then identify what they should implement. Ethics policies provide a clear definition regarding what is acceptable in an organization and what is not (Kaptein, 2015).  As a growing organization, Diamond Express will benefit from creating an ethics policy.  Defining what is acceptable helps to create accountability to legal guidelines.  A clear definition of policy helps to guide employees to make the right decision.  Educated employees are provided the guidance to understand when they need to escalate concerns and what is acceptable. An ethics office, in-house ethics officers, and ethics training all support the ethics training and manual that will be provided to employees.  Documenting what is expected and allowable also helps to protect the employee and Diamond Express in the event of an ethical concern.


Group Portion B – Ethics Policy


Company associates will maintain high ethical standards when conducting the company affairs. The intention of this policy is to enable each member of the organization to comply with all applicable laws and to conduct the company’s activities with integrity, so as to exclude personal gain or advantage. The following is Diamond Express’ policy pertaining to gifts from vendors, use of confidential information, and conflicts of interest.  This list is not all inclusive and additional questions or concerns should be taken to the ethics office.

1.           Gifts from vendors

Diamond Express employees shall not seek or accept gifts from vendors for personal gain or for the benefit of others without valid business purposes. Diamond Express employees are also prohibited from seeking or accepting personal loans at off-market rates from individuals or business organizations that are currently partners or competitors of Diamond Express. The following gifts are acceptable only if they are extended by the vendors and they are aligned with customary business practices.  No gifts can exceed $50.

a.       Lunch and dinner

b.      Small gifts such as calendars and pens

c.       Gifts of perishable items

d.      Tickets to events

2.           Use of confidential information

The use or revelation of any confidential information pertaining to Diamond Express’ data, product information, plans, or any other information that may be contrary to Diamond Express’ interests is forbidden.  No employee or customer records are to be copied and cannot leave the premises of Diamond Express.  All employee and customer records are Diamond Express property.  The maintenance of confidential information includes the following items, but this list is not all inclusive.

a.       Information provided by customers

b.      Confidentiality of proprietary information involving information that is not available in the public domain

c.       Confidentiality of information pertaining to Diamond Express employees

3.           Conflict of interest

Diamond Express employees should avoid situations which involve conflicts between their personal interest and the interests of the organization. Employees should act in the best interest of the organization when dealing with customers, competitors, suppliers, contractors, and persons or firms that could potentially conduct business transactions with Diamond Express. Employees are required to provide full disclosure to the manager regarding any conflict of interest in the areas below:

a.       Ownership of an external firm that is a competitor to Diamond Express, or one that could potentially transact business with Diamond Express

b.      Having the position of a broker or go-between in a firm that is a competitor to Diamond Express or one that could potentially transact business with Diamond Express

c.       Having the position of a director, consultant, or manager in a firm that is a competitor to Diamond Express or one that could potentially transact business with Diamond Express

d.      Any other circumstances involving Diamond Express employees, their families, or personal relationships that could prohibit them from acting in the best interests of Diamond Express



Communication Plan

The communication plan for our ethics policy must address a number of key factors.  When complete, the ethics policy will be shared with managers first to allow them time to understand the changes and ask any clarifying questions.  Research suggests that an employee’s perception of the ethics policy has a direct correlation to their adoption of the policy (Valentine & Godkin, 2016).  To ensure employees understand why the ethics policy has been created, a series of meetings will be held to explain the benefit of the ethics policy.  In addition, the meetings will reinforce how the policy will ensure our compliance with legal standards, provide clear direction on difficult decisions, and provide a framework for how we conduct business.  In addition, the ethics office will be established along with the online ethics manual.  Employees will have full access to ask questions and receive guidance.

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