Using Insights to Choose Theory paper.

Choose a middle range nursing theory which you believe resonates with your values, beliefs, and nursing practice, to analyze and consider for guiding your nursing practice.

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Using Insights to Choose Theory paper.

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Write a two page paper (excluding title and reference page) following Parker and Smith’s guide for “Using Insights to Choose Theory” found on p. 27 in the text. Include in your discussion:
1. What nursing theory seems consistent with the values and beliefs that guide my practice?
2. What theories are consistent with my personal values and beliefs?
3. What do I hope to achieve from the use of nursing theory?
4. Given my reflection on a nursing situation, how can I use theory to support this description of my practice?
5. How can I use nursing theory to improve my practice for myself and for my patients? (Parker & Smith, 2010, p. 27)

This is a reflective assignment; however you will need to give supporting evidence for your statements.

P.s. !!!! Please use sources not older than 5 years old, max since year of 2009. ALso, professor wants us to use
mostly peer-reviews and scholar sources, etc.

Note from professor : Hello Class, As you prepare to compose your first assignment, keep a few points in mind. Use paragraph format with APA levels of heading. No direct quotes, please, since there it is easy to overuse. Never use a dictionary as a source at the graduate level. Use nursing sources, however, do not list the same source multiple times in the same paragraph. Content is important, also. Begin with an introduction to what you will be discussing. Stay on topic and group like thoughts. In that regard, many have asked about a theorist. I can personally recommend Dr. JoAnn Duffy’s Quality Caring Model. It is recent and widely used. Good luck as we explore theory together.

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