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Violence and Abuse

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Violence and Abuse

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Violence and Abuse essay assignment

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In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:

Discuss the effects of maltreatment on child development.

Describe an organizational model for the multiple conditions that support community violence.

1. Nita’s mother died when she was an infant. Her father married a young woman 1 year after the death of Nita’s mother. A baby girl was born to the stepmother 2 years later, followed by the birth of a baby boy 4 years later. The stepmother showed much preferential treatment to her own children, while she basically ignored Nita except to routinely ridicule her. The most difficult household chores were given to Nita, with no chores given to her own daughter. The stepmother frequently severely punished Nita without reason. Publicly, the stepmother insisted that she treated Nita and her daughter alike in every way. However, she always praised her own daughter, while continuing to verbally abuse Nita. Nita’s father put his wife in full charge and had almost no interaction with Nita. He, too, showed preferential treatment for his two children with his second wife. When Nita was 14 years old, her aunt insisted that Nita move to live with her. The aunt was very nurturing, and Nita’s life improved tremendously. Nita was very intelligent and excelled in school. Nevertheless, she was slow to make close friends and lacked confidence in social situations. Nita became a successful professional as a college professor. Nita appeared afraid to form a close relationship and was 31 years old when she married.

(Learning Objectives: 1) a. Is maltreatment of children a problem, and what are the effects on their development and functioning?

b.Discuss the Ecological Model of Violence and how it applies to the case of Nita

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