Weighing the Evidence

1.     An APA citation and brief summary of the research article that you selected (select 1 only among the 5 references).

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Weighing the Evidence

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Kaitani, T., Tokunaga, K., Matsui, N., & Sanada, H. (2010). Risk factors related to the

development of pressure ulcers in the critical care setting. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 19(3/4), 414-421. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2702.2009.03047.x


McInnes, E., Jammali-Blasi, A., Bell-Syer, S., Dumville, J., & Cullum, N. (2012).                            Preventing pressure ulcers—Are pressure-redistributing support surfaces                              effective? A cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal                Of Nursing Studies, 49(3), 345-359. doi: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2011.10.014

Moore, Z. & Cowman S. (2010). Systematic review of repositioning for the treatment of                  pressure ulcers. EWMA Journal, 10(1), 5-12.


Santamaria, N., Gerdtz, M., Liu, W., Rakis, S., Sage, S., Ng, A. W.,… Liew, D. (2015).                   Clinical effectiveness of a silicone foam dressing for the prevention of heel                         pressure ulcers in critically ill patients: Border II Trial. Journal Of Wound Care,                 24(8), 340-345.


Tayyib, N., Coyer, F., & Lewis, P. A. (2015). A two-arm cluster randomized control trial                to determine the effectiveness of a pressure ulcer prevention bundle for critically                   ill patients. Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, 47(3), 237-247. doi:                                         10.1111/jnu.12136


2.     Describe the data and the results of any statistical tests or analyses presented in the article.

3.     Explain how the researchers formulated their conclusion, any weaknesses in their analysis or conclusions, and offer at least one alternate interpretation of their data.

4.      Propose at least one additional research study that could be done to further investigate this research topic.

*Kindly follow APA format for the citation and references! References should be between the period of 2010 and 2016.

*Make heading each question, so I need 4 headings that address the 4 questions above.



Background Information:

When conducting original research, the final step researchers must complete is weighing the evidence and interpreting the meanings of their data, statistics, and analyses. This is the culmination of the research process in which all of the research methods and designs can be synthesized into a meaningful conclusion. In this stage, researchers should formulate explanations for what their data indicates, determine whether the data answers their initial research question, identify areas of uncertainty, and consider directions for further research.

In this Discussion, you focus on one of the research articles that you identified for Part 2 of the Course Project (Literature Review). You then explore the process of how the researchers generated conclusions based on their data, consider other possible interpretations of their data, and formulate ideas for further research.

To prepare:

·         Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on how researchers find meaning in their data and generate sound conclusions. Pay particular attention to Table 2 in the article, “Study Design in Medical Research.”

·         Revisit the 5 articles that you identified in Part 2 of the Course Project. Select one to consider for the purpose of this Discussion.

·         Read sections of the chosen article where the data is presented, analyzed, and interpreted for meaning. What reasoning process did the researchers use to formulate their conclusions? What explanation did they give to support their conclusions? Were there any weaknesses in their analysis or conclusions?

·         Consider possible alternate conclusions that the researchers could have drawn based on their data.

·         Examine the findings that the article presents and consider how well they addressed the researcher’s initial question(s). What additional research could be done to build on these findings and gain a fuller understanding of the question?

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