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NURS 6321 Week 9: Curriculum and Program Development

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NURS 6321 Week 9: Curriculum and Program Development

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NURS 6321 Week 9: Curriculum and Program Development: Planning for Implementation essay assignment

NURS 6321: Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation | Week 9 essay assignment

Take a moment to reflect back on Linda, the nurse educator at LiveWell medical center, first introduced in Week 2 and revisited in Week 4. Since you last left Linda, she has been diligently developing the components of her patient program. So far, she has created the program’s mission, vision, philosophy, and end-of-program goals. She was also very pleased to welcome three nurses and two physicians onto her newly formed curriculum development team. Each member has proved to be instrumental in helping Linda with alignment and congruence. Linda is now holding a meeting with her team to discuss the design of the curriculum. Since Linda had originally envisioned this program as an optional, bimonthly session, much debate has ensued about the most effective way to structure the curriculum. Should sessions build upon one another or should each focus on a different health issue? Should session topics be repeated on a yearly basis? With these and other questions in mind, Linda’s team begins to design the sequence of the curriculum.

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This week, you examine how nurse educators design, sequence, and align curriculum components.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Construct a curriculum outline
  • Evaluate curriculum components that guide development processes
  • Generate a concept map that illustrates alignment of concepts across a program

When presenting a curriculum/program plan, you must be able to sell it to the stakeholders and decision makers of the setting. By structuring the courses or sessions in a logical format and providing clear rationale for each component, you can better justify the need and relevance of your program to internal stakeholders.

To prepare:

  • Review Chapter 10, “Designing Courses and Learning Experiences,” in the Billings text. Consider how the concepts and content of individual courses scaffold to achieve end-of-program learning outcomes.
  • Reflect on the ways organizational frameworks and a setting’s mission, vision, and philosophy impact curriculum structure, sequence, and design.
  • Visit the Walden School of Nursing, Nursing Education website located in this week’s Learning Resources.  Explore the curriculum plans of this and other nursing specializations. What might Walden faculty have discussed when designing the scope of these specializations?
  • With your team members, finalize the number of courses or sessions. Then, design the sequence that students, staff, or patients will follow.
  • Consider the rationale and research your team discussed when drafting your curriculum or program.

Note: For the purposes of this Discussion, only one person from each team should post theinitial posting. In this post, provide the names of each team member, as well as a briefdescription of your team project. If your team wishes, you may present the outline of your curriculum plan in a Word document and upload it to the Discussion posting. For the response post all team members should post to other teams individually.

By Day 3

Post a brief description of your team project, as well as the names of each team member. Provide a sequential outline of your curriculum plan, including the title and brief description of each course or session. Explain how the organizational framework and the institution’s mission, vision, and philosophy guided your development process. Provide rationale for your curriculum design by citing references to your project and relevant Learning Resources as applicable.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days using one or more of the following approaches:

  • Critically appraise the design of a team’s curriculum by providing feedback on the structure, sequence, and design of the curriculum or program.

Note: In the spirit of collaboration, consider responding to a team who has not yet received feedback. Ensuring that all teams have responses will help each team finalize the design of their curriculum/program.


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