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NURS 6720 Week 8: Program Implementation

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NURS 6720 Week 8: Program Implementation

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NURS 6720 Week 8: Program Implementation essay assignment

NURS 6720: Population-based Public Health Nursing Interventions | Week 8 essay assignment

Assessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation Evaluation

Public Health Nursing in Action: Case Scenario

In partnership with key stakeholders, the PHN has planned the Bundles of Joy Community Baby Shower event – a health education and case-finding event that targets expectant mothers living in a low-income African American community. Planning for the event was informed by in-depth knowledge of the community and its residents – their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Foundational to the success of the project, the PHN recognized the need for community buy-in. As a result of collaborative assessment, diagnosis, and planning phases, community ownership was in place prior to implementation. Three older women from the community who were each leaders of one of the three community resident boards embraced the program and decided to name themselves the “Bundles of Joy” club. These women advocated on behalf of the event and assisted with all phases of implementation. More importantly, following the inaugural hosting of this event on Mother’s Day weekend, these women led the community in hosting ongoing annual events with the assistance of the program developers as needed.

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Implementation is the action phase of the nursing process. This is when you carry out your community-based plan. Implementation is necessary to achieve goals and objectives, but more importantly, the implementation of nursing interventions acts to promote, maintain, or restore health; to prevent illness; and to affect rehabilitation (Anderson & McFarland, 2015, p. 250). There are three important steps to consider in the implementation process. The PHN must promote (1) community ownership and buy-in for the program; (2) implementation of a unified program; and (3) a clear health focus.

In order to achieve the desired outcomes of the intervention, people in the community need to feel a sense of ownership of the program or event. Ownership results from participation in decision-making. As nurses, we are used to “doing for” people. However, as a PHN, your focus must be on “doing with.

Another important factor to consider in the implementation process is the need to implement a unified program. Due to limited resources, programs are often implemented in a piecemeal fashion that minimizes their impact. A unified program requires collaboration and coordination between the agency personnel who will implement the program and the program’s recipients (target population).

Finally, the PHN must maintain a program’s focus on health. Often, community programs lose sight of their focus and veer off course. The levels of prevention as well as the use of logic models during planning can assist with maintaining a health focus.

This week, you will develop an implementation plan for your program and continue the development of your logic model.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Create implementation plans for public health programs/projects
  • Revise logic models*

*The Assignment related to this Learning Objective is introduced this week and submitted in Week 11.

As conveyed throughout this course, many factors contribute to the success of an intervention and it is not until the evaluation phase that you can determine true success. However, if the program intervention is not implemented well, it could lose its proper chance to achieve the intended outcomes. A well thought out implementation plan will help to ensure effective implementation that is focused, evidence based, and clearly aligned to intended outcomes. Moving from broad goals to specific and measurable actions is challenging. For this section of your course project you will begin to think through some key components of an effective implementation plan.

To Prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources
  • Think about what factors need to be considered for implementation
  • If possible, discuss experiences and lessons learned about program implementation with your placement agency contacts.


Create a 2-to 3-page implementation plan that addresses the following:

  • Partnerships and support
  • Resources (human, financial, etc.)
  • Venue
  • Communication of information (what, how, audience)
  • Competing demands
  • Anticipating unknowns

By Day 7

Submit your assignment.


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